9. Code Management

Version control and source code hosting for Git and Mercurial.

Available in the Kiln add-on:

Code Management

Developers can keep coding without interruption. Report, track and fix bugs, update your code, and track the changes — all within one tool.

Branch and Merge with Ease

Your team can work in any part of your code and merge in a sane way. Branching, cloning, pushing, or pulling are all made simple — whether you choose Git or Mercurial.

Code Security with HTTPS, SSH, and Permissions

Repository access is available via SSH or HTTPS. Add an additional layer of security and limit access to your projects with user-based access controls.

Stay on Top of Your Code

Activity filters provide visibility into changes inside your code. Easily monitor updates across projects, repositories or recent commits. Filter activity by repo, project, user or activity type to focus on changes that require attention.

Visually track changes that have been made to a particular tag or build. You’ll easily see who’s contributing to a project or repository.

Get Notified of Key Changes

Get email updates each time there’s a push made to any of your subscribed repositories. Email subscriptions and RSS updates keep you in the loop on progress.

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